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The Pale Haunt Departure

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  • NOVEMBER’S DOOM – The Pale Haunt Departure
    This is my first intro into November’s Doom catalogue and I can honestly say I am quite impressed… Usually I prefer some faster paced Metal, but this was honestly quite fulfilling to my aural senses…
    While certain tracks echo the mighty Opeth, (Namely the opening Title Track) they do seem to distinguish themselves. The Majority of the other six tracks fuse traditional Sludge filled Doom with passages of dark beauty and often use the acoustic to further their ambience. Tracks like `Swallowed by the Moon’ and `Through a Childs Eyes’, are both powerful tracks, epic in its scope, especially the lyrics.
    If anything, ND can create an amazing dark, gloomy atmosphere like few others… At times the music is as beautiful as it is Mellon collie.

    Musicianship is quite good, some really intricate guitar parts, more so during the Acoustic passages. Also the drummer uses some nice patterns which despite the general speed of the music are quite detailed. (Especially his tribal beats and tom-tom work.) Vocals are a definite high-point… This is a band that with a poor singer would fall victim to being lost within the pack. Yet Kuhr’s powerful growls and somber singing give this band an edge among many others.

    This disc is recommended for fans of such great prog-metal bands such as, Opeth, Enslaved, Katatonia, and Agalloch.

    Favorite Songs: Swallowed by the Moon, Autumn Reflection, and Through a Child’s Eyes.
    -4.5 Stars

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    Posted on December 13, 2009