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The Pale Haunt Departure

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  • Before I start my review, a disclaimer is in order: I am a neophyte in the world of doom metal. Given that the only bands that I’ve listened to extensively that even moderately approach doom Agalloch and November’s Doom, I can’t say I know much about the genre. However, I am a huge fan of all music progressive, especially in the Opeth vein, and this album certainly succeeds in that area.

    Much like Opeth, Novembers Doom merges crushing heavy sections with heartfelt mellow parts, although I’d say Novembers Doom is slightly heavier, and the riffs are more doom influenced. These guys really do have a unique sound, and all the pieces fit together perfectly. A true standout has to be Paul Kuhr’s vocals; when brutal, they are clear and powerful. When soft, they lend emotional weight to rather light lyrics.

    There is not a weak track on this album, although I must recommend “The Dead Leaf Echo” for its beautiful, almost Spanish-sounding intro, and “Collapse of its Fallen Throe” for an incredible, heavy doom riff. I am overall very impressed and will definitely be acquiring their back catalog.

    Any words I write will probably not convince you to get this album, so go listen to a song for yourself. From the Novembers Doom website:

    Swallowed By The Moon

    A very strong track, and quite indicative of the rest of the album. If you like that song, you’ll enjoy the rest of the album. If not, you may want to look somewhere else. Highly recommended.

    Posted on December 14, 2009