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The Pale Haunt Departure

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  • It is all too easy to simply liken one band to another and call it a review. Although, when i listen to this album it reminds me of some opeths songs. The vocals remind me of opeths song “demon of the fall.” they are death vocals, but are controlled rather then screames, and the lyrics are detectable.
    This album is mainly slow and heavy, but retainig the melody that saves it from sounding like lesser death/doom metal bands.
    There is breaks in the heavines though with atmospheric acoustic passages and clean vocals.
    This album is eerie, lots or reverb, slow marching tom tom, acoustic guitars and deep clean vocals contrasted with death vox. The lyrics are typically doomy but do not come across as bedroom poetry as is often the case in doom

    To characterize this album i would say that it is doomy and deathy, but is contrasted with atmospheric and eerie songs and passages. It contains the odd bit of double pedals, and even an acoustic (well – clean anyway)track. This is a subtle album, it has melody but is not necessarily catchy and it is heavy but this does not disguise the subtleties of the guitarists and the vocals.They write good, not obvious song structures, which i give them respect for.

    in short, there is nothing necessarily bad about about this album – though it is not stunning either. If you like opethy death, or doom you will like this album and it is worth hearing – it is subtle and required several listens.

    i appreciate this review is rather general and does not really look at individual tracks, but it is one of those albums which is more about mood and the album as a whole then individual parts.

    wprth having if you like

    my dying bride
    ….all the usual doom/death suspects


    Posted on December 14, 2009