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The Physics of Fire

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  • Fire is an apt way to describe this album, ’cause it smokes. Losing two members and adding one (Alex from Aletheian, and we know he can be technical) hasn’t taken away from this groups sound at all, it’s as heavy and as technical as ever. The album opens by easing you into it with a little instumental softness then the pummeling ensues at full force. The first song especially reminds me of something a Communic or Scar Symmetry might do at their heaviest and has a melodic death metal feel that the album never quite reaches again. If you liked the last one you should really dig into this and discover the greatness it holds. The one thing holding it back is falling into some metalcore boringness at times and the clean singer does not do a very good job. Other then that it is a sonic brain cleaning that brings the metal and the lyrics are very Biblically focused again. BTA is bringing the metal and showing that christians can be as loud and as technical as any band out there.

    Posted on November 12, 2009