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The Physics of Fire

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  • Since their first release, “Terminate Damnation”, Becoming the Archetype has by far become one of my favorite metal bands of all time. I listened to the first album so much that I know all of the lyrics to every song, and have never really looked at a lyrics cheat-sheet. So, needless to say, when BTA announced the new CD I was excited. All I could really see happening when the lineup change was announced was something good, especially after I listened to some of Aletheian’s stuff (the band which Alex Kenis also plays with).

    The first thing I can say is that this album is a lot different from the first. While the first seemed to sort of carry on in the same death-metalcore style previous trekked out by legendary band Living Sacrifice, this CD definately heads in a more progressive direction. All I can say is that the lineup change with adding Kenis in on lead guitar made them go where few (American) Christian metal bands have gone in recent years. While the last album was somewhat lacking in technically challenging lead guitar parts, The Physics of Fire is chock-full of guitar solos and licks that would make any lover of Steve Vai, Rusty Cooley, or John Petrucci cry.

    I can also say that the mixing and production quality on the CD is a step up from the first. Terminate Damnation’s mixing and whatnot, while excellent, was done in more of a style that suits metalcore bands such as As I Lay Dying and August Burns Red, while The Physics of Fire’s mix and production reaks of Opeth and Scar Symmetry-esque dynamics.

    Another thing to note about this album is something not seen very often – it’s a concept album, which I believe adds greatly to the value and integrity of the music. Every single song on the CD intertwine with each other to tell an epic story, with 4 of the songs creating the 4 part “The Physics of Fire” Suite.

    I’d also rate this album high on playability…This CD has dominated my mp3 player, my Winamp playlists, and my car stereo ever since i picked it up on release date.

    Go out, get this album, and prepare for the horns to be upped instantly.

    Posted on November 12, 2009