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The Physics of Fire

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  • Sophomore efforts from bands are always a risky purchase, because you don’t really know what to expect. This early in a bands excistence, a band usually hasn’y fully matured or found itself yet, so a lot of times a band will come out with a stellar debut album, then drop off into mediocrity after that. Happens more so now a days with the whole nu metal scene where seemingly theres a new band out everyday that sounds just like the last, and three months later you read about them disbanding. Fortunatly for Becoming the Archetype, they not only brought the quality of their debut album to the sophomore effort, but the unique and original sound also. This is the same band as we knew the first time around, only I feel that their sound is more fleshed out and smooth. I feel this album is more melodic and less progressive than the last, where the debut album was vice versa. There are no songs like The Trivial Paroxysm which seemed to be all over the place on this album. The sound of the last album was stellar and unique but I have to admit the sound did kind of throw you off a little bit sometimes. This album is a little easier to listen to. In the end though, both albums are must have for any metal head. A unique listen, no metalcore here, just pure awesomeness.

    Posted on November 12, 2009