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The Price of Existence

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  • First of all, to the last reviewer, there ARE breakdowns in this album. In fact, there are breakdowns in every song except the interlude called Greyson. They are a death metal band, but they have hardcore influences as well. They have said this in numerous interviews. They take the breakdowns and combine then with amazing drumming, amazing guitar skills, thanks to Beniko and thier new shredder Chris, and their new singer Eddie, formerly of the Bay Area band Gunmetal Grey.

    I heard Eradication a long time ago when they put it up on their myspace and was amazed. I couldn’t wait for the cd. When I saw them at California Metalfest back in May, and they announced that it was coming out August 8th. I went out to the Sam Goody yesterday and bought the last copy they had.

    I have been listening to their first cd Hate.Malice.Revenge since it came out in 2004 on a small label called Amputated Vein. It was probably my favorite cd back in 2004. The amazing death metal combined with hardcore really caught my attention. All of the members of the band, past and current, are very good at what they do. I love Craig, the original singer’s vocals, but I think Eddie does a better job.

    The drumming on this cd is fantastic. Matt plays plenty of blastbeats, crazy drum fills, and even gravity rolls, which is one handed drum roll. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Listen to the band Brain Drill.

    The guitarists are as great as ever, with Mike, the bassist coming in and toning everything out. Chris their new guitarist shreds on this cd, with Beniko doing his fair share of shredding.

    While both of All Shall Perish’s cds are part of my top 10 favorite cds, I think they surpassed Hate.Malice.Revenge with The Price Of Existence. This is going to be one of the Top 10 Best cds this year. If you love death metal, and/or if you love hardcore with a lot of metal, go out and buy this cd. It will be worth every penny.

    Posted on November 14, 2009