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The Price of Existence

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  • If I were to deconstruct in terms of genre the music played by All Shall Perish, I would find myself talking about metalcore, i.e. the blending of hardcore and metal. In the former department we have some of the heaviest breakdowns I’ve heard, ones quite worthy of the best hardcore dancing and circle pitting. Regarding the latter we have some excellent death metal played with melody and superb competence. With all this said, it would nevertheless be a lie to call All Shall Perish metalcore. They are able to walk the line between these two genres without falling into the category that best describes, say, Unearth, due to a level of aggression and brutality that breaks the mold.

    I had not heard All Shall Perish until this album, but afterwards I searched for their prior release, entitled “Hate. Malice. Revenge.” if I recall correctly, and the two simply cannot be compared. While their earlier work clearly shows signs of what would become their current opus, everything from the production to the technicality of the guitar work is ten notches higher on “The Price of Existence”. The vocals are varied and crystal clear, from a gurgling low to a piercing shriek, all of which keeps the energy flowing throughout the album. The drumming is ferocious and, of course, blisteringly fast. But not always, seeing as how most tracks break down into some of the most skull-crushingly heavy romps I can recall (add to this some bass drops that will explode your subwoofer [added in the post production] to increase the already heavy moments). The guitars work is technically proficient and catchy, employing plenty of melody and lead work that shreds along side the best in the game.

    Basically this album is an all-around crowd pleaser. It’ll grab you by the balls no matter what your prefered genre of heavy music might be. Keep and eye on these guys because if they keep progressing like thay have, you can only expect future greatness from them.

    Posted on November 15, 2009