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The Principle of Evil Made Flesh

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  • If you are thinking about purchasing this album on the strength of all the stellar reviews posted here, consider this: All these folks shelled out $27 dollars for a (somewhat) obscure black metal album. In other words, most of these people knew what they were getting before they order the album, and it met their expectations. If you are thinking this will be another well produced, consistant COF album, it won’t meet yours.This album stands alone in the Cradle catalog as exhibiting poor production. That will no doubt appeal to the “true black metal” fans. If you are one of those, change my rating to 4 stars. In addition, Cradle’s immaturity as a band stands out in this album. Many of the songs are brilliant, but executed poorly. Listen to Summer Dying Fast and The Black Goddess Rises on Bitter Suites if you want to here how amazing those songs can be. In particular, being able to afford something a little more high tech than a cassio toy keyboard helped. Nick Barker’s drumming is pretty weak on this album as well. He improved immeasurably on the Vempire ep.Don’t get me wrong. The Principle of Evil Made Flesh definitely has its moments. To Eve the Art of Witchcraft actually works well with the rough production (in fact, its an amazing song). My suggestion is to steer clear of this one unless 1) you own everything else Cradle has put out, or 2) you are a black metal head who only enjoys music that sounds like it was recorded in your basement.

    Posted on November 25, 2009