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The Punisher

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The pop song-score is often accused of being little more than ancillary merchandising for many a film and the supporting evidence is often hard to deny. But this well-chosen collection of modern rock and metal for director Jonathan Hensleigh’s adaptation of the vengeance-obsessed Marvel Comics anti-hero is a gratifying exception; apt sonic seasoning for the film’s bleak, contemporary edge. The thrash of Hatebreed, Chevelle, and the new Drowning Pool lineup and tracks by more established acts like Puddle of Mudd, Nickelback, and Queens of the Stone Age (who turn in a smart, chunky cover of Romeo Void’s Rock-of-the-80’s staple, ”Never Say Never”) alone would make it a welcome rock-metal sampler. But its 19 tracks also encompass an intriguing range of lesser known bands and one-off collaborations (Seether and Amy Lee, Jerry Cantrell and Damageplan, Ben Moody/Jason Miller/Jason ”Gong” Jones); all bristling with a dark, moody energy that perfectly echos the film’s dour, relentlessly violent tone. – Jerry McCulley

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  • There’s something about superhero movies that seems to promote amazing soundtracks. The movie may not necessarily be that good, but the soundtrack usually will be unbelievable. (i.e. Hulk, Daredevil, Batman and Robin) Hopefully, The Punisher movie will break the trend and be both a great movie and soundtrack. Either way, this soundtrack delivers with intensity unrelenting. With some of the hottest names in hard rock today comes a surprisingly emotional ride of song writing. Tracks like ‘Sold Me’ by Seether and ‘Bound to Violence’ seal the true nature of the soundtrack. Standouts are abundant, however. The remake of Seether’s acoustic song ‘Broken’ (now with Amy Lee) is such a touching song. You can almost see Frank Castle cradling the heads of his dead wife and child in his arms while this song plays. Other standouts of this more acoustic breed are Smile Empty Soul and Mark Collie, a neo-Johnny Cash sounding songwriter. Both are excellent songs. In addition, new acts are here as well. In the fashion of the Daredevil soundtrack, these new artists (or some of them) will undoubtedly get lots of media coverage in the near future. As it was for acts like Revis and Evanescence, we’ll be hearing a lot more of bands like Edgewater (an awesome alternative band) and Submerged (really cool band that reflects the workings of Fuel and Nickelback) very soon.The only problem I had with this soundtrack were the songs by Trapt and Queens of the Stone Age. They really seemed to mess up the flow of the overall package, and just did not seem to belong there. Don’t get me wrong, I love both bands, but it just did not seem like their songs added. They didn’t take away either. They really just did not belong. Get this soundtrack if you love alt-metal or prog rock. It’s got some of the best contemporary acts for you to shatter your eardrums to, and you will listen to nothing else for quite awhile.

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  • Wind-Up Records last offering of a movie soundtrack was ‘Daredevil’-another Marvel movie,the soundtrack was really good-introducing the world to some new artists such as Evanescence(now,who are huge),Paloalto,and Seether.Now wind-up return,a year later with the Punisher:Album,and in my opinion,one of the best movie rock soundtracks ever..on this album we have some metal tracks,and even some acoustic,but you would probably think,this has a rubbish combination,but it really doesn’t,superb I think,below is my track-by-track review:Drowning Pool-Step Up-10/10-The return of Drowning Pool,with their second recording after the death of Dave Williams 2 years ago,this track is amazing,the new vocalist-Jason “Gong” Jones,is a worthy addition to the band-look out for there 2nd album ‘Desentized’ this year….Puddle of Mudd-Bleed-8/10-This track(from the sound of it) has come from a “Life on Display” recording session,a great track,but doesnt’t have that buzz to it,like the other tracks on this CD doesNickelback-Slow Motion-10/10-Now I know,Nickelback have plenty of critisim(I think they are okay),this track is actually pretty damn good,a good heavy(ish) songQueens of the Stone Age-Never Say Never-9/10-Before this track,I heard little QOTSA(tracks such as Millionaire,and the single’s),I also found out that this track is a B-Side from 1999,this is not bad at all,a very good offering….Seether feat. Amy Lee-Broken-10/10-Now we are getting to the good stuff…the original version,on there debut CD-was a great song,I thought it couldn’t get any better-how wrong was I-in comes Evanescence singer Amy Lee-with a fantastic contribution,so emotional,so soothing,just fantastic!Smile Empty Soul-Finding Myself-9/10-Now I admit,I had never ever heard a SES before this,I thought they would be some metal offering that everyone hates,but suprising,this is a great acoustic track,which is just a tad below the Broken song-it terms of qualityChevelle-Still Running-9/10-Again,I had only heard 1 Chevelle song before this(from the Daredevil CD),which was pretty good(not fantastic)but this is much better-one of the hardest songs on the whole CD,but don’t let that put you offDamageplan feat. Jerry Cantrell-Ashes to Ashes-8/10-well….Intresting one this-I like some heavy stuff,but this was okay,well above average,a track which all the heavy metal lovers will like,but there are some better tracks on here-I am not saying this is rubbish-I like it loads-I prefer others on hereSeether-Sold Me-10/10-Back again eh? think you are gonna get tired of them,think again,this Older track,from a recording in the 90’s(when Seether were originally called Saron Gas)is a fantastic addition to this CD-who cares if they appear twice eh?Edgewater-Eyes Wired Shut-10/10-Like Evanescence on the Daredevil CD,I think Edgewater will make it big,this song which will be the 1st single from their debut release ‘South of Sideways’ will draw in many fans,like Evanescence did with “Bring Me To Life”Finger Eleven-Slow Chemical-10/10-A track taken from the Canadian release of WWE Forceable Entry,where the track is currently being used for WWE Wrestler Kane-this song is really good,but I’ve heard it many times beforeBen Moody feat Jason Miller and Jason Jones-End has Come-10/10-Ex-Evanescence guitarist Ben Moody joins with Godhead vocalist Jason Miller, and new Drowning Pool singer Jason Jones for a great track,a prefect track for the CDStrata-Piece by Piece-10/10-A brand new band-with a fantastic track “Piece by Piece” is a combo of heavy rock,screaming a slow melodies-intresting….Hatebreed-Bound to Violence-8/10-A B-Side track makes its way to this CD,to be honest I don’t think this is rightly to put here,maybe a different track-I like the song,but it somewhere elseSeven Wiser-Sick-10/10-A Brand-new band with a fantastic track,nothing much to say except-I can’t wait for the album from these guysSubmursed-Complicated-10/10-The Creed guitarist produced the album,which I think is pretty clever,this track is fantastic tooAtomship-Time for People-9/10-A pretty strange,but great song from again-a new band from Wind-up records,I’m looking forward to these guys albumMark Collie-In Time-8/10-A strange way to end the CD,but it is a slow acoustic track,which I bet will be on the moviethat is my review,hope it will be usefull to you….Andy

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  • Ok, How can anyone say that this album is not good? This album ROCKS (Though I dont remember hearing alot of these songs in the movie). Now, I address this album as a compilation of Rock songs, and a damn great compilation (19 FREAKING SONGS!!!) it is.


    1. Drowning Pool – Step Up – Good start. Not a favourite. I don’t like the new DP as much as the old one. (75/100)

    2. Puddle of Mudd – Bleed – I like this song, though I hate puddle of mudd, it’s amazingly catchy. The singer does a very good job here too. (90/100)

    3. Nickelback – Slow Motion – One of the funkiest catchiest songs I’ve heard in my life. Soaring with amazing vocals. This is one fo my favourites (95/100)

    4. Queens of the Stone Age – Never Say Never – I like QOTSA. This is not one of their best releases. Doesn’t really go anywhere. (75/100)

    5. Seether feat Amy Lee – Broken – the “hit” of the album.. Amazingly overplayed. But still an amazing song (95/100)

    6. Smile Empty Soul – Finding Myself – This song hits a nerve for me personally. Amazing acoustic song. (98/100)

    7. Trapt – Lost in a Portrait – Very nice song. The chorus is amazing (88/100)

    8. Chevelle – Still Running – Regular song. Gets old fast (70/100)

    9. Damageplan f/ Jerry Cantrell – Ashes To Ashes – It’s a good song, with an amazing chorus, reminiscent of old Metallica and Megadeth. (85/100)

    10. Seether – Sold Me – Amazing rocking song. Seether’s vocalist is amazing as always. And the chorus.. the chorus.. (92/100)

    11. Edgewater – Eyes Wired Shut – Well, its a good song, but edgewater have so many better songs (85/100)

    12. Finger Eleven – Slow Chemical – Very nice, kind of mellow, very moody song. The vocalist and the riffs are amazing. (95/100)

    13. Ben Moody – The End Has Come – Beyond words, the standpoint of this album. GREAT SONG IN ALL ASPECTS (1000/100)

    14. Strata – Piece By Piece – I like this song so much. It sticks to your head after a couple of listens. I like the changes between clean and distortion (98/100)

    15. Hatebreed – Bound to Violence – Too much screaming. The drummer is talented. Slipknot fans rejoice! Not my kind of music. (75/100)

    16. Seven Wiser – Sick – Very good song. Kinda catchy, with a very nice chorus. (92/100)

    17. Submersed – Complicated – I like this song, but it kinda gets old fast. Plus the chorus isn’t that nice (83/100)

    18. Atomship – Time for People – That phrase “I found no people for killing time, so I found time for killing people” is amazing. The lyrics and music are very nice here (94/100)

    19. Mark Collie – In Time – So soothing, takes me away to this place, feels like I’m in a desert. The lyrics are AMAZING. (98/100)

    My Favorites: Bleed, Slow Motion, Broken, Finding Myself, Sold Me, Slow Chemical, The end has come, Peice by Peice, Sick, Time for people and In Time.

    Bottom Line: If you like rock, good hard rock, get this CD NOW!!!

    Posted on December 21, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • “The Punisher” soundtrack is almost exactly like the movie. It has a great start, keeps a good pace throughout, and ends with a bang and a hush. “Step Up” starts off this album with all of the explosiveness that Frank Castle personifies in the flick. Songs by established rockers like Puddle of Mudd, Trapt, and Seether set the tone for the rest of the album. If you really like modern hard rock(I see some of the kiddies call it Nu Metal), then this album will suffice. I’m from the old heavy metal/hair band days of Metallica, Motley Crue and Def Leppard, but I really enjoy some of the new stuff these bands like Drowning Pool and Edgewater are putting out.

    Of course there is the token song performed by a band and “Amy Lee of Evanescence.” Personally, I feel that she and her band are about to suffer the consequences of major overkill. Also, if you purchased the “Daredevil” soundtrack, you’ll find that many of the same artists appear on it and this album. Anyway, don’t let that deter you from buying this album. To put it in layman’s terms, “It totally rocks, man!”

    Also, “In Time” is a sweet treat from Mark Collie. You might remember him from his days as a future breakout artist in country music with songs like “Even The Man In The Moon Is Cryin’.” Unfortunately, he did his own thing, got seriously ill, and Nashville didn’t place much emphasis on him anymore. He’s a great artist that deserves way more than he’s received. Glad to see him on this album, even though the young’uns might not like his style because he doesn’t growl the lyrics.

    Get this one, you’ll like it.

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  • In tradition with the “Daredevil” soundtrack, the “Punisher” soundtrack contains a wide variety of bands and styles of rock. Nineteen tracks deep, this collection does a great job at showcasing some excellent new bands (Strata, Edgewater) and giving some old material new life (Seether & Amy Lee). Obviously, there are some throwaway tracks, just like any soundtrack. The Nickelback & Puddle Of Mudd songs are average at best and not really worth more than one listen, and the new Drowning Pool (Jason Jones replacing deceased singer David Williams) is even more corny than ever before. But all is not lost, because some of the best bands out today have put in some of their best new and/or unreleased material. Queens of the Stone Age deliver a superb “Rated-R” b-side ‘Never Say Never’, while the guys in Damageplan collaborate with Alice In Chains’ Jerry Cantrell, creating a song that is better than anything that appears on Damageplan’s debut album. Chevelle go a bit darker with their new track “Still Running,” Trapt give us a song that is a little more subtle and textured than what is on their debut album with “Lost In A Portrait” while Smile Empty Soul get acoustic with “Finding Myself,” a song that would fit in just fine with their debut album. Finger Eleven’s song “Slow Chemical,” which appeared on some WWF collection a few years ago, sounds better at home here. Seether make two appearances here, one with a brand new song “Sold Me” and a re-working of “Broken,” which features new string arrangements and guest vocals, courtesy of Evanescence frontwoman Amy Lee (who just happens to be dating Shaun Morgan, singer of Seether). This serves as the highlight of the album. The original version (in my opinion) was the best song from Seether’s ‘Disclaimer’ album and it sounds ever better here. The “fallen” Evanescence guitarist Ben Moody makes a worthy debut with Drowning Pool frontman Jason Jones & Godhead frontman Jason Miller on “The End Has Come,” which bears shades of Evanescence (as fronted by a male) and some classic hard-rock influences. Strata make their debut here with “Piece By Piece,” I saw them live (with Trapt/Smile Empty Soul/Finger Eleven — kinda cool how they all appear on this soundtrack) recently and they were incredible for a band who were on their first major tour. Their debut CD (coming July 13th) will definitely be worth checking out. Overall, it’s a great CD. I’m sure it will please a lot of people and you definitely get the bang for your buck.

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