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The Punisher

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  • In tradition with the “Daredevil” soundtrack, the “Punisher” soundtrack contains a wide variety of bands and styles of rock. Nineteen tracks deep, this collection does a great job at showcasing some excellent new bands (Strata, Edgewater) and giving some old material new life (Seether & Amy Lee). Obviously, there are some throwaway tracks, just like any soundtrack. The Nickelback & Puddle Of Mudd songs are average at best and not really worth more than one listen, and the new Drowning Pool (Jason Jones replacing deceased singer David Williams) is even more corny than ever before. But all is not lost, because some of the best bands out today have put in some of their best new and/or unreleased material. Queens of the Stone Age deliver a superb “Rated-R” b-side ‘Never Say Never’, while the guys in Damageplan collaborate with Alice In Chains’ Jerry Cantrell, creating a song that is better than anything that appears on Damageplan’s debut album. Chevelle go a bit darker with their new track “Still Running,” Trapt give us a song that is a little more subtle and textured than what is on their debut album with “Lost In A Portrait” while Smile Empty Soul get acoustic with “Finding Myself,” a song that would fit in just fine with their debut album. Finger Eleven’s song “Slow Chemical,” which appeared on some WWF collection a few years ago, sounds better at home here. Seether make two appearances here, one with a brand new song “Sold Me” and a re-working of “Broken,” which features new string arrangements and guest vocals, courtesy of Evanescence frontwoman Amy Lee (who just happens to be dating Shaun Morgan, singer of Seether). This serves as the highlight of the album. The original version (in my opinion) was the best song from Seether’s ‘Disclaimer’ album and it sounds ever better here. The “fallen” Evanescence guitarist Ben Moody makes a worthy debut with Drowning Pool frontman Jason Jones & Godhead frontman Jason Miller on “The End Has Come,” which bears shades of Evanescence (as fronted by a male) and some classic hard-rock influences. Strata make their debut here with “Piece By Piece,” I saw them live (with Trapt/Smile Empty Soul/Finger Eleven — kinda cool how they all appear on this soundtrack) recently and they were incredible for a band who were on their first major tour. Their debut CD (coming July 13th) will definitely be worth checking out. Overall, it’s a great CD. I’m sure it will please a lot of people and you definitely get the bang for your buck.

    Posted on December 21, 2009