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The Punisher

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  • Ok, How can anyone say that this album is not good? This album ROCKS (Though I dont remember hearing alot of these songs in the movie). Now, I address this album as a compilation of Rock songs, and a damn great compilation (19 FREAKING SONGS!!!) it is.


    1. Drowning Pool – Step Up – Good start. Not a favourite. I don’t like the new DP as much as the old one. (75/100)

    2. Puddle of Mudd – Bleed – I like this song, though I hate puddle of mudd, it’s amazingly catchy. The singer does a very good job here too. (90/100)

    3. Nickelback – Slow Motion – One of the funkiest catchiest songs I’ve heard in my life. Soaring with amazing vocals. This is one fo my favourites (95/100)

    4. Queens of the Stone Age – Never Say Never – I like QOTSA. This is not one of their best releases. Doesn’t really go anywhere. (75/100)

    5. Seether feat Amy Lee – Broken – the “hit” of the album.. Amazingly overplayed. But still an amazing song (95/100)

    6. Smile Empty Soul – Finding Myself – This song hits a nerve for me personally. Amazing acoustic song. (98/100)

    7. Trapt – Lost in a Portrait – Very nice song. The chorus is amazing (88/100)

    8. Chevelle – Still Running – Regular song. Gets old fast (70/100)

    9. Damageplan f/ Jerry Cantrell – Ashes To Ashes – It’s a good song, with an amazing chorus, reminiscent of old Metallica and Megadeth. (85/100)

    10. Seether – Sold Me – Amazing rocking song. Seether’s vocalist is amazing as always. And the chorus.. the chorus.. (92/100)

    11. Edgewater – Eyes Wired Shut – Well, its a good song, but edgewater have so many better songs (85/100)

    12. Finger Eleven – Slow Chemical – Very nice, kind of mellow, very moody song. The vocalist and the riffs are amazing. (95/100)

    13. Ben Moody – The End Has Come – Beyond words, the standpoint of this album. GREAT SONG IN ALL ASPECTS (1000/100)

    14. Strata – Piece By Piece – I like this song so much. It sticks to your head after a couple of listens. I like the changes between clean and distortion (98/100)

    15. Hatebreed – Bound to Violence – Too much screaming. The drummer is talented. Slipknot fans rejoice! Not my kind of music. (75/100)

    16. Seven Wiser – Sick – Very good song. Kinda catchy, with a very nice chorus. (92/100)

    17. Submersed – Complicated – I like this song, but it kinda gets old fast. Plus the chorus isn’t that nice (83/100)

    18. Atomship – Time for People – That phrase “I found no people for killing time, so I found time for killing people” is amazing. The lyrics and music are very nice here (94/100)

    19. Mark Collie – In Time – So soothing, takes me away to this place, feels like I’m in a desert. The lyrics are AMAZING. (98/100)

    My Favorites: Bleed, Slow Motion, Broken, Finding Myself, Sold Me, Slow Chemical, The end has come, Peice by Peice, Sick, Time for people and In Time.

    Bottom Line: If you like rock, good hard rock, get this CD NOW!!!

    Posted on December 21, 2009