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The Punisher

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  • There’s something about superhero movies that seems to promote amazing soundtracks. The movie may not necessarily be that good, but the soundtrack usually will be unbelievable. (i.e. Hulk, Daredevil, Batman and Robin) Hopefully, The Punisher movie will break the trend and be both a great movie and soundtrack. Either way, this soundtrack delivers with intensity unrelenting. With some of the hottest names in hard rock today comes a surprisingly emotional ride of song writing. Tracks like ‘Sold Me’ by Seether and ‘Bound to Violence’ seal the true nature of the soundtrack. Standouts are abundant, however. The remake of Seether’s acoustic song ‘Broken’ (now with Amy Lee) is such a touching song. You can almost see Frank Castle cradling the heads of his dead wife and child in his arms while this song plays. Other standouts of this more acoustic breed are Smile Empty Soul and Mark Collie, a neo-Johnny Cash sounding songwriter. Both are excellent songs. In addition, new acts are here as well. In the fashion of the Daredevil soundtrack, these new artists (or some of them) will undoubtedly get lots of media coverage in the near future. As it was for acts like Revis and Evanescence, we’ll be hearing a lot more of bands like Edgewater (an awesome alternative band) and Submerged (really cool band that reflects the workings of Fuel and Nickelback) very soon.The only problem I had with this soundtrack were the songs by Trapt and Queens of the Stone Age. They really seemed to mess up the flow of the overall package, and just did not seem to belong there. Don’t get me wrong, I love both bands, but it just did not seem like their songs added. They didn’t take away either. They really just did not belong. Get this soundtrack if you love alt-metal or prog rock. It’s got some of the best contemporary acts for you to shatter your eardrums to, and you will listen to nothing else for quite awhile.

    Posted on December 21, 2009