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The Puppet Master

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  • King Diamond returns to form with 2003’s “The Puppet Master”. After a pointless return to Abigail and company in 2002(don’t get me wrong, the 1987 original is a Metal masterpiece), the King starts fresh with this tale of Unfortunate Man and the horror that lurks within a local puppet theater. I won’t go into the plot since you’ve got to be a King Diamond fan to be on this page anyway and not off looking at the 8,000 reviews of some Sting album. And if you’re a King fan, you probably already have this album. So to the fans I say, isn’t this one addicting? Doesn’t every track stick with you long after the album is over? Doesn’t it feel like you’re IN Budapest watching these sick events? I listen to this album start to finish and never skip any tracks. It really flows very well. To the naysayers: Sure there are times where the story could be a bit clearer (I had to watch the DVD that came along with the CD to realize why King’s eyes received eternal life), sure King’s voice isn’t what it used to be back in the days of ’80s Mercyful Fate (it’s probably due to the HUGE cigarette addiction I hear he has) and sure it isn’t quite as raw and aggresive as some other albums (like the fantastic “Voodoo”). BUT the musicianship is superb, the tunes are catchy and memorable, King appears to be having a blast and the addition of a female vocalist is to be applauded (she adds alot to every track she’s on). And so there you have it, King Diamond’s “The Puppet Master”. Buy it and wash away the bitter aftertaste of “Abigail 2: The Revenge”.

    Posted on December 2, 2009