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The Real Thing

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  • The first time I reviewed this, I only gave it four stars, because of the rapping. I realize now that that was not at all fair. Besides, I managed to give Papa Roach’s “Infest” four stars, and this is certainly a far superior album. This album is, quite simply, amazing. The musicianship is incredible, all across the board. Mike Bordin’s drumming is comparable to that of Gene Hoglan or Dave Lombardo, Jim Martin is a bona fide guitar virtuoso, and Bill Gould’s basslines are not to be ignored. Then, there’s Mike Patton. This guy has one of the coolest voices I’ve ever heard. He can do it all: rap, sing, growl. And, he’s great at all of them. There are also keyboards, which add spooky atmosphere to the music. A very nice touch. “Epic” is the single that everyone has heard (and we all remember that video with the flopping fish and the exploding piano), but that song is hardly what this album is all about. Check out “Zombie Eaters”, “Falling to Pieces”, “Woodpecker from Mars”, and the title track, they are simply amazing. Then, there’s the incredible cover of “War Pigs”. This has got to be the most perfect cover anyone has ever done. They retain the feel of the original recording, and yet play it as if they wrote it themselves. If you didn’t know it was a Black Sabbath song, you would swear it was just one of their songs. And, no offense to Sabbath, but as far as musicianship goes, these guys put them to shame by far, especially Mike Bordin. Anyway, this album is really great, there is not a bad moment on it. But, I must warn you, with the exception of “War Pigs” and “Surprise, You’re Dead”, this is not a very heavy album. It’s really kind of more like heavy jazz. If an album must be heavy for you to enjoy it, you’d be wiser to go with one of their later albums. If you’re expecting this to sound like Limp Bizkit, you might as well just forget it. But, if you want to hear five really talented musicians playing some weird, but very cool music, you should definitely check it out. I wish these guys would get back together. There is certainly a void in the music scene without them. There is nothing around today that sounds like this. Buy this album, I cannot recommend it enough.

    Posted on December 29, 2009