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The Real Thing

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  • This album (and any other FNM album) is very different and very unusual. And, it’s also very good. Mike Patton has an incredible voice. There are several good songs on here, such as “Epic” (everyone knows that one!), “Surprise, you’re Dead”, and “Zombie Eaters”, but I think the track that stands out the most would be their incredible cover of “War Pigs”. It’s very hard to top the original, but I think they may have done it. Jim Martin is one talented guitarist. After all this praise, one might ask, why only four stars? Well, simply put, I’m just not a fan of rapping in metal, I much prefer Mike’s croon or hard growl, but hey, don’t let that stop you from buying the album. This is nothing like Limp Bizkit or Rage Against the Machine, in fact he only raps in about half of the songs, and none of them have rapping all the way through. In short, this album is a brilliant display of talent and weirdness, and if you buy it, you will surely not be disappointed.

    Posted on December 29, 2009