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The Respect Issue

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  • Let me start by sayin most of the reviews on this album have some truth to it:

    The Respect Issue doesn’t offer anything new or original. In fact, most of the songs sound somewhat similar to The Acacia Strain. However, this is not just another rip off.

    Gone is most of the singing and the flow. I will admit that their last disc told a story, and had a unique flow to i, but this one doesn’t flow as well as the previous. However, that is not to say that is a bad thing..

    Where The Respect Issue lacks in cohesive flows and creating a story, they make up for in brutality!! The cover should give you an idea of what to expect from Emmure’s latest efforts.. The reason for Kurt Angle on the front is because he is a punisher himself (or at least in his story lines and his character). When you look at the cover what do you see? You see this guy who is muscular with boxing gloves and looks like he’s ready for a fight. A guy that size will PUNISH you…and that’s exactly what this cd does from start to finish. The band punishes the listener into a submission with neck breaking 808 bass drop’s which leads into a slow but punishing breakdowns. Other times the album goes into faster breakdown’s and even a few 2 step parts.

    This album is a grower and a little hard to digest at one time. In order to truely appreciate what Emmure has done and appreciate the hatrid that fuels this album, one must listen to it more than one time. If you like heavy and brutal music, try listening to this while lifting some weights at the gym or at home.

    To wrap everything up, this album often times sounds the same, which can be both good and bad. There is no new ideas, and quite frankly, if you listen to Acacia Strain, you’ve heard these riffs before. BUT, in no way does that make this cd a flop. If you want an album that punishes and taps right into repressed anger, look no futher, because that’s all this album is about! If you aren’t into breakdowns and pure anger, save your money. It make take some time to grow on you, but if you give it a chance, you will find yourself listening to it more and more.

    Posted on January 5, 2010