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  • Goodbye to the Gallows is a great album. It really is. Don’t let the haters tell you otherwise. When I got this album, I expected it to be even better. But I was wrong.

    It’s completely rehashed from their first album. There is nothing on here that wasn’t done on GttG. All of the songs sound the same, and the lyrics have gone from heartbroken to just hateful.
    I loved the emotion that was packed into Gallows. The lines like “Leave me alone…my broken soul can’t take another day” along with the entire overall theme of the album really is heartwrenching.
    This album is quite different.

    It’s hateful and spiteful. Lines like “I hope her cancer comes back” are just totally out-of-place and left me astonished at the viciousness of the lyrics. And there is hardly any clean-speaking, like in GttG. “I swear it’s all your fault,” singer Frankie shouts agonizingly. “At least that’s what I remember…”
    There is next to none of that on TRI.

    Overall the lyrics on this CD are simply full of hate and vengefulness. There is no story told over the songs, a love story gone wrong like in the last. I know you really aren’t supposed to base your opinion on an album based on the album preceding it, but I just can’t help comparing the two.

    These guys ARE a good band. This album was just rushed and not worked on hard enough. And why the wrestling theme? For that, I have no idea. None of the songs really have anything to do with wrestling, or anything besides wishing ill on the girl who broke Frank’s heart.

    I expect better from their next release.


    Posted on January 5, 2010