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The Return of the Boogie Men

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  • This is Foghat at their very best. This may be their best album ever. Foghat was always a blues-based band, and their albums up through “Stone Blue” really reflect that. After “Stone Blue” they seemed to really lose focus. They starting dabbling in other sounds, rockabilly and some other stuff that I found very disappointing. Eventually, they just kind of disappeared from the scene for several decades.This album is their comeback album – after somewhere around 25 years of being missing in action, Foghat is back and as good or better than ever. This is a great blues/rock album. Check out “Jump That Train”, “Motel Shaker”, “Nothin’ But Trouble”, and “Talk To Me Baby”. There’s some acoustic stuff on this album too, and it’s good, but I like the electric stuff the best. If you like Foghat, you’ll love this album!Check out

    Posted on January 31, 2010