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The Rise of Brutality

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  • I’m probably not your typical “hardcore” listener. I love various styles of jazz, classical, rock, and multiple other genres. I’m in my thirties, which probably makes me much older than most who love this stuff.At that age, I can tell you that the “who is heavier” argument I often see on reviews of these types is really silly. You can find a few of those in reviews here. “They’re not heavy, so they suck.” I chalk it up to complete and total immaturity…when I was in junior high, the who was heavier arguments used to rage on between slayer, venom, metallica and megadeth fans. But then we grew up, and once you grow up my young friends, you’ll come to realize that the “who is heavier” argument is really stupid. The simple question to ask yourself is do you like this music, pure and simple. Don’t categorize it, or qualify it, just enjoy it. And if you don’t enjoy it, move on.Now for the CD-this is my first hatebreed cd, and I’m very pleased. I brought it on the strength of “this is now” and have been pleasantly surprised. If you like that song, you’ll most likely thoroughly enjoy the CD, as it doesn’t vary much from that theme. Plenty of angry shouting of some great lyrics over a distorted guitar a pounding bassline, and some loud drums.The production quality of the CD is much higher than what I expected for music of this nature. In the ‘old days’ this kind of stuff usually sounded like it was being recorded in a basement or bathroom. The lyrics are also worth mentioning, and really are what make the CD in my opinion. Its almost therapy in an audio form. If you’ve struggled before with depression, you’ll understand that depression is anger turned inward. Well, on this CD, Jasta lets us all turn that anger outward, in a defiant “I will not go down without swinging” blast of rock and roll (or heavy punk, or whatever you’re dumb label is) rebellion. As a youth who was often shouted down by religious parents, I can truly appreciate the lyrics to “Facing what consumes you.” When Jasta tells his enemy that “”You want me to hold my tongue Then why the f*** am I here? You want me to bottle my rage Cause you never had the heart to say what I say,” I think we all can relate.”This is now”, has a very upbeat message, and says hey, at one point I didn’t even want to live, but now I’m here to fight on, and change what I can myself right at this very moment because worrying about the future is useless if I don’t do something immediately. Again, I think that’s something we can relate to, and is a good message.In Doomsayer Jasta decries someone who “wants respect in your life, but you’ll never earn it.” We all know people who want something for nothing, and why should we respect them or kowtow to people who don’t do something to earn our respect?I could go on, but I think you get the picture.A Fine blast of loud guitars, outstanding lyrics, and yeah every song is essentially shouted. I almost equate it to Rollins of old—good spoken word music, its just we’re speaking a bit louder than usual.Recommended.

    Posted on December 1, 2009