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The Rise of Brutality

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  • Hatebreed has been one of the most noteable names in the true spirit of hardcore music. Of course, they are signed to a major label. After listening to “Perseverance,” listeners will understand why. Not only that, Jamey Jasta is one of the hardest working people in the industry today. Out of all of this, The Rise of Brutality is far better than any Hatebreed release to this date. These guys always manage to out do themselves with each release. Jamey Jasta has always been angry and yet his lyrics are a bit monotone, the powerful message couldn’t be anymore clearer. The whole concept behind the Hatebreed message is motivational in terms of harnessing agression and making something of it. Those who don’t feel this message might dismiss this album as garbage. Meanwhile to those of us who have felt everything amongst the brutal guitar riffs and deeply moving words, not to mention the surprisingly catchy vocal hooks, Hatebreed listeners grow by the masses. When I first heard “Satisfaction is the Death of Desire” years ago, I’d never imagine these guys to remain so heavy yet vastly improve in talent and really make something powerful out of it. Hits like “This is Now” (definitely the caliber of “I will be Heard”), “Another Day, Another Vandetta,” “A Lesson Lived is a Lesson Learned” and so on makes this the most powerful and consistent release to this date. All four members really know what metal is. Sean Martin has really achieved the feat of handling two guitar parts well solo. The rhythm is fast and remains fierce in attack. I’m surprised Jamey hasn’t lost his voice yet like Chris Barnes of Six Feet Under. Check this album out and check Jamey hosting Headbanger’s Ball. Truly in the spirit of hardcore yet schooled in true metal, you won’t be let down.

    Posted on December 1, 2009