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  • like another reviewer has said, this album is not nearly as bad as some people are saying. the intensity of gavin rossdale’s songwriting and singing as well as the rest of the band in playing, is incredible. the only objections i have to this entire cd are ‘dead meat’ and ‘mindchanger’, both which i skip rather than play through.the diversity on this record are incredible, ‘letting the cables sleep’ showing an amazing lull in guitars, ‘the chemicals between us’ blaring out loudly in every way, ‘disease of the dancing cats’ showing the band’s membership in peta is not just lip service, and ’spacetravel’ showing us a very different version of gavin’s girlfriend, lead singer of no doubt gwen steffani. i think that the best song on this cd is ‘jesus online’ because of the way it starts out sounding very hollow and boring, but eventually gains the momentum and guitars that bush is famous for. i also like ‘prizefighter’ (because ‘the best is yet to come’!) and ‘40 miles from the sun’ (another song that is slow with less noise).something must really be wrong here, because this is one of my favorite cds of all time.

    Posted on November 20, 2009