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  • Bush’s third album has been called “going techno” and going “electronic” which is nonsense!

    Its just on this album, they used some “sound” samples and elements for this record, and overall its pretty good, some songs could of been developed a little more and a bit better, but its still a great album. Although some tracks can wear a bit thin sometimes.

    1. Warm machine 7/10 – Fantastic (very unsurprising song for a bush album opener) opening song for the album, the only problem is it goes for a bit to long.

    2.Jesus Online 8/10- very different, but brilliant song. Drags a little.

    3. The chemicals between us 10/10- without a doubt one of Bush’s best songs ever, astounding guitar sounds, ther best on the whole album.

    4. English Fire – 6/10A bit of a let down, a little bland.

    5.Spacetravel – 7/10not bad, not exactly a really great song.

    6. 40 miles from the sun 7/10- this song could of been a real classic if it had a bridge.

    7. Prize fighter- 8/10Almost a perfect, very good ending.

    8. The disease of the dancing cats 9/10- this one will knock you off your seat.

    9. Altered States – 8/10Could of been developed a little more, not half bad though.

    10. Dead Meat – 7/10stupid lyrics, another song that lacks something.

    11. Letting the cables sleep 10/10- Outstanding song, the most moving song Bush have ever done. And one of their best.

    12. Mindchanger – 8/10 a fantastic finish to the album, although, its missing something.

    The main problem is, alot of these songs just don’t cut it, they have fanatstic potential, but thats what brings the album done.
    Defintiley Worth buying though.

    Posted on November 20, 2009