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The Sickness

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  • If you are a metal fan, this album deserves to be included in your collection. This CD starts rocking from the opening song and doesn’t let up until the end. They have come up with a new, unique sound that doesn’t rip off other bands. Dave (lead singer) uses an effective mixture of singing with some rap thrown in. His voice is powerful and he uses it well. The guitars and drums also sound great. The electronics are, for the most part, used sparingly but are a little overused on “The Game.” If you like bands like Slipknot, StainD, Static-X, Godsmack, and Sevendust you will dig this CD. If you are looking for a death metal band like Fear Factory or Sepultura then it will probably not be heavy enough for you.Overall, this is the best CD I’ve bought in the last year. See them live if you get the chance. You wont regret it.

    Posted on January 12, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Amazing, Great, Awesome, Kick [butt], Fantastic, This CD is every positive word that you can think of. This CD actual got me back into rock and they are now my Favourite Group. Im gonna give what I think each song deserves.1. Voices (10/10) – Awesome fast paced song. One of my favs2. Game (9/10) – This song grew on me untill I would repeat it several times3. Stupify (10/10) – Tied for my favourite on this CD4. Down With the Sickness (10/10) – The song that introduced me to Disturbed5. Violence Fetish (8/10) – Awesome song but I tend to skip it every so often6. Fear (7/10)- Another song that grew on me, Its great but one of the worst on the CD7. Numb (10/10) – Tied for my favourites on this CD8. Want (6/10) – I think this is the worst song on the CD, its still good9. Conflict (8/10) – This song gets crazier and crazier, I love it 10. Shout 2000 (7/10)- Another song I skip alot, its still good 11. Droppin’ Plates (6/10) – This is close to worst song on the CD for me12. Meaning of Life (9/10) – I really like the ending for some reasonOverall my favourite CD ever. Stupify and Numb are two of my favourite songs ever and Down with the Sickness and Voices are freaking awesome as well. Theres nothing that I hate on this CD.

    Posted on January 12, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Imagine Primer 55, Gravity Kills, and Cold all mixed up and you’ve got Disturbed. Their music can be described as a heavy groovecore with an alternative nu-metal sound mixed with electronica. The vocals are a kind of half-rap, half-singing style with a distinct sound that flows well with the music. There aren’t really any standout tracks on the cd because every song is good but if I would have to pick a fav I would say “Voices”, “Stupify”, and “Down with the Sickness” are cool. They also do a good cover of the song “Shout”. This band definitely has their own style and a distinct sound fresh to the music industry. One of the best debuts I’ve heard. Recommended. Other upcoming debuts to checkout: Papa Roach, Professional Murder Music, Glassjaw, Taproot, Slaves On Dope, and Sicboy.

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  • Even now that nu-metal is about as popular as flannel, I firmly believe that “The Sickness” is a great debut (one of the best debuts this side of the year 2000) from one of nu-metal’s best bands. Disturbed’s follow up album, 2002’s “Believe,” is more mature than this C.D., but “The Sickness” is more imaginative. And it’s full of raw aggression, off-the-wall energy, and catchy songs (almost every one of these songs is very catchy). “Stupify” has vocal hooks, whereas many of the other songs (i.e. “The Game” and “Down With The Sickness”) have cool, fast scat (by frontman David Draiman). “Voices” is another highlight (it has stutter-step rapping and syncopated riffs), as is “Fear” (which has eerie electronics and a mosh-pit ready, fist-pumping chorus) and “Shout 2000″ (which is a louder, more pissed off version of a song originally done by a band called Tears For Fears). Finally, with violent lyrics and mean vocals, “Meaning of Life” is a good anthem to listen to when you’re mad at the world.

    It may not be the most innovative or mature album ever, but this is essential nu-metal and a must have for everybody who has 1990’s nostalgia. The bottom line is if you hate nu-metal, it would probably be wise to give “The Sickness” a wide birth, but if you do like this genre and this band, or if you are willing to listen with an open mind, you should really like this C.D.

    Posted on January 12, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • I bought Disturbed’s THE SICKNESS, after not being able to get “The Game” out of my head following the third time I heard it on the “Funky Monkey” FM station here in Tacoma. This was already after I had heard “Stupify” (which I had originally thought was called “StupidFly”), “Voices” and “Down With The Sickness” for the hundredth time, each. While I kinda liked each song to some extent, I had always found myself making fun of them, especially with lead vocalist David Draiman’s unique, and often annoying, vocal ticks and mannerisms (including the repetitive “Zooooo-ah!!!” in “Voices” and “OH-WA-A-A-A-AH!!” in “Down With The Sickness”). But then, I heard “The Game” and I decided, what the…”The Game” has everything: Great keyboard sound, great drumbeat/bass, knife-edged guitar in all the right places, and a masterful combination of wistful-sounding, melodic, tenor-pitched singing with angry screaming that has all the impact of a kick to the head. And, you can dance to it! (Although I don’t dance.) Above anything and everything else on this CD, “The Game” is a masterpiece–of its time and genre.As I finally got around to playing the rest of the CD, I found that (to my surprise) most of the other songs are very good, and do not sound very much like each other. That really surprised me, because I had found the first three songs I had heard by them to be a bit too similar to each other (especially “Voices” and “Down With The Sickness”). Although similar themes are rotated around quite a bit on the CD, there is much greater variety in the music than I had expected to hear. “Violence Fetish” has a heavy-industrial sound, and the hook line “Bring the Violence/It’s significant” is used to good effect. “Numb” begins with a new-age swirl of keyboards at the beginning that is both surprising and fresh, “Want” has a funky feel, and “Conflict” with its repeated snarls of “enemy” is dark, intriguing–but that’s not all! It also features soft, almost soothing vocals from David Draiman in its quiet bridge, before letting loose with heavy rhythm; Draiman uses his synthesized voice as its own instrument here, as he repeats “Eh-eh-eh-eh-ENEMY!!!”Now, for the *real* surprise of THE SICKNESS: “Shout2000,” Disturbed’s unbelievable version of the 1985 Tears For Fears classic “Shout.” Blending some of the atmospheric keyboards of the original with modern, diamond-hard rhythm guitar power chords and upbeat, pummelling mid-tempo drumbeats, this is simply one of the greatest cover songs of all time. For me, it comes a very close second on this CD to “The Game.” The CD rounds out with two excellent songs: “Droppin’ Plates” and “Meaning of Life.” The former begins with some loud funky rapping by David Draiman, and blends it with dizzying ’80’s-New-Wave synthesizer, along with a ’90’s hip-hop beat. Pretty cool! The latter has elements of all the other songs: lots of rap-screaming, buzzsaw guitars, trippy synths, and lots of double-bass drumming, with plenty of expert time-changes, courtesy of the extremely talented drummer/programmer Mike Wengren. Two things that are clearly evident on THE SICKNESS are excellent musicianship and production values.Given the fact that this CD is titled THE SICKNESS, I (of course) have decided to save my comments for “Down With The Sickness” for last. Essentially the title track of the CD, it is given entirely new life (and meaning) than the edited version played on the radio. It includes a bridge that is so violent and disturbing in its (de-)nature that it is the aural equivalent of DAWN OF THE DEAD, or AMERICAN PSYCHO, for that matter. The lyrics cannot be repeated here, even in part, and they are not included in the printed lyrics on the inside CD cover. All I can say about this section of “Down With The Sickness” is that it is not for the faint-of-heart, and delivers a far greater impact than the entire first Slipknot CD, which I also have and will review at a later date.Forget about what the Amazon music editor says about the supposedly “XXX-rated HOOBASTANK,” by the band of the same name. Hell, HOOBASTANK doesn’t even have the Parental Advisory sticker on it–they don’t even curse on their CD. Believe me when I say that, on the basis of “Down With The Sickness” alone, Disturbed’s THE SICKNESS definitely earns it’s Parental Advisory sticker–and then some. This is a significant debut from a loud and angry band, and I think that more disturbing things can be expected on Disturbed’s upcoming sophomore CD. Then again, they may just turn around, and surprise me again. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

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