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The Sickness

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  • Imagine Primer 55, Gravity Kills, and Cold all mixed up and you’ve got Disturbed. Their music can be described as a heavy groovecore with an alternative nu-metal sound mixed with electronica. The vocals are a kind of half-rap, half-singing style with a distinct sound that flows well with the music. There aren’t really any standout tracks on the cd because every song is good but if I would have to pick a fav I would say “Voices”, “Stupify”, and “Down with the Sickness” are cool. They also do a good cover of the song “Shout”. This band definitely has their own style and a distinct sound fresh to the music industry. One of the best debuts I’ve heard. Recommended. Other upcoming debuts to checkout: Papa Roach, Professional Murder Music, Glassjaw, Taproot, Slaves On Dope, and Sicboy.

    Posted on January 12, 2010