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The Sickness

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  • Amazing, Great, Awesome, Kick [butt], Fantastic, This CD is every positive word that you can think of. This CD actual got me back into rock and they are now my Favourite Group. Im gonna give what I think each song deserves.1. Voices (10/10) – Awesome fast paced song. One of my favs2. Game (9/10) – This song grew on me untill I would repeat it several times3. Stupify (10/10) – Tied for my favourite on this CD4. Down With the Sickness (10/10) – The song that introduced me to Disturbed5. Violence Fetish (8/10) – Awesome song but I tend to skip it every so often6. Fear (7/10)- Another song that grew on me, Its great but one of the worst on the CD7. Numb (10/10) – Tied for my favourites on this CD8. Want (6/10) – I think this is the worst song on the CD, its still good9. Conflict (8/10) – This song gets crazier and crazier, I love it 10. Shout 2000 (7/10)- Another song I skip alot, its still good 11. Droppin’ Plates (6/10) – This is close to worst song on the CD for me12. Meaning of Life (9/10) – I really like the ending for some reasonOverall my favourite CD ever. Stupify and Numb are two of my favourite songs ever and Down with the Sickness and Voices are freaking awesome as well. Theres nothing that I hate on this CD.

    Posted on January 12, 2010