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The Sickness

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  • If you are a metal fan, this album deserves to be included in your collection. This CD starts rocking from the opening song and doesn’t let up until the end. They have come up with a new, unique sound that doesn’t rip off other bands. Dave (lead singer) uses an effective mixture of singing with some rap thrown in. His voice is powerful and he uses it well. The guitars and drums also sound great. The electronics are, for the most part, used sparingly but are a little overused on “The Game.” If you like bands like Slipknot, StainD, Static-X, Godsmack, and Sevendust you will dig this CD. If you are looking for a death metal band like Fear Factory or Sepultura then it will probably not be heavy enough for you.Overall, this is the best CD I’ve bought in the last year. See them live if you get the chance. You wont regret it.

    Posted on January 12, 2010