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The Silent Circus

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  • This album… wait… this band pretty much owns everyone in the talent department. This is pretty much one of the most well put together albums I’ve ever heard… and I don’t usually like stuff this heavy. First of all… everyone in the band has a copywrite on their instruments… and no one else should be allowed to play anything after what these guys do. The drummer is pretty much insane… and owns the double bass. The guitarists play some of the most retarded chord progressions and make them sound amazing. Insanely technical. The singer has one of the widest ranges I’ve heard… deep growls(which I’m not a fan of), high pitched screams, an amazingly beautiful melodic singning voice. On top of all this are pretty good lyrics and an insane live performance… if you don’t know about BTBAM yet… you need to get to know them

    Posted on March 1, 2010