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The Silent Circus

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  • well, since many people look at what genre a band is put into, and pretty much decide then and there, whether they like them or not, to do so with this band would be unfair, as would be calling them a metalcore band, or even just progcore. I would have to say that this band is the one and only memeber of a group I’d like to call “Progressive Tech-Deathmetalcore”. If someone described any band like that to me, I would undoubtedly check them out.That being said, I would like to describe the music more in-depth. This stuff is brutal, yet beautiful at the same time. Whether grinding away, or sttrumming out a ballad, they seem to feel perfectly at ease. In my opinion, to get the best feeling for the music, you’ve got to listen to the entire album all together. This record, is indeed, 53 minutes of pure songwriting genius. the whole CD is put together as if it were telling a story, with the songs seemlessly fitting together.The first track starts off with about half a minute of building guitar feedback, preparing you for the pummeling that your ears are about to take. for the first 3 and a half tracks, this is pure, blistering chaos. Then, halfway through the 4th track, the music takes a turn with beautiful melodic lead guitar work,and amazingly uplifting vocals. this leads into the “interlude” of the album, with track 5 being a short ambient track with acoustic guitars coming in near the end. followed perfectly by a strummed out ballad in track 6. Just when you think you’re ready to crank the volume back up, Track 7 comes back with the full force that they displayed in the first few tracks. This track has some great melodic leadwork towards the end, as well, and then tracks 8,9, and 10 finish the bludgeoning that the first few tracks started.This stuff may be a bit of a difficult, even exhausting listen to the faint of heart, or those who are just getting into heavy music, but once you’ve given it some time, you will realize that this album is probably some of the most astonishingly beautiful music ever crafted. Who says heavy music can’t be art?

    Posted on March 1, 2010