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The Silent Circus

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  • Proggressive death metalcore. Between the Buried and me have managed to do it again, although this time it sounds completely different from their self titled cd. This cd makes your brain hurt when you try and comprehend how they go about writing songs like these. Their breakdowns are simply unsurpassed by anyone, mostly because there are so many in each song and couldnt possibly be more brutal. Never have I heard such a wide array of any lead vocalist’s screams before, Tommy goes from the highest pitch scream and holds it for thirty seconds then right after immediately starts a grumbling noise thats almost is if he is about to throw up. Mark the new drummer is a little double kick happy, but you know you love it and how amazingly technical he is. At times youd think it was a machine playing drums theyre so fast. Paul Waggoner is god, he shouldnt be allowed to be that good at guitar, not to take away from the other guitarist but he is amazing. Listen to this cd and see them live, the best part about them live is that it sounds exactly the same as it does on the cd, tones and everything. Get this cd and their self titled cd if youre tired of listening to stuff that sounds the same, there is no other band that comes close to mixing such a wide variety of music types into one incredible cd.

    Posted on March 2, 2010