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The Song Remains The Same (Remastered / Expanded) (2CD)

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  • This updated version had the potential to be up there with “Made In Japan”, “Get Yer Ya-Ya’s Out” etc. etc. as a classic live album even if the performances are somewhat uneven mainly due to them going into unknown territory and natural causes. That’s the great thing about LZ if you listen to their live bootlegs – no version of any song is the same as another. It’s a hit and miss but always exiting game.
    Plant’s voice changed dramatically for the worse after hitting his peak in Australia in 1972. However, he still hits plenty of peaks as well as the lows here. In fact, still great compared to years to come!
    As stated by other reviewers, yes the sound is great and the edits are incomprehensible. TSRTS was never an honest document in either version and the disappointment is now larger than previously. I’ve got bootlegs of the Madison Square shows and therefore can confirm there are huge chunks missing from many songs: Black Dog was always played in full unlike this circumcised edit; Dazed and Confused has been chopped in the section before San Fransisco; No Quarter here has Page jumping straight into the his solo whereas we know he feels his way around before exploding; Heartbreaker has a chunk of Pages solo missing after the drums and bass come back in just before WLL; Whole Lotta Love’s edits are glaring even to the blind. There’s alot more but i’ll leave it alone. The question is, why?? Another confusing band decision has The Ocean placed at the end of the 1st cd when it was actually played as an encore – I even looked at the time length of the 2nd cd and there’s no problem there with room to fit it in (??). (I’ve burnt myself a copy with The Ocean where it should be).
    On a positive note, it’s great to hear the extra songs even if they aren’t all the ultimate renditions.
    I’ll still give it 3* based on the sound quality and the sheer balls they play with at times – the title track and The Rain Song have never sounded better and that includes other bootlegs from the same, and different years.
    Let’s hope the surviving band members listen to their fans and decide to release a 3rd version as a triple cd without the edits. Hey Jimmy – you readin’ this, mate?
    Overall, I’ll still recommend it. Make sure you keep your old copy – if you don’t have it, hurry and get it before it’s deleted.
    As Otto the bus driver on The Simpsons says – “Zeppelin rules!!”

    Posted on January 21, 2010