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The Spaghetti Incident?

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  • …after Appetite and the Use Your Illusion albums we expect more than good from GnR. Not that the songs they chose to cover are bad, they’re not. And it’s not that I don’t like covers: I love it when bands punk up/slow down/add their own twist to songs… but these versions are pretty similar to the originals. Not what you’d expect from GnR.I’m all for popular rock groups introducing their young fans to bands they might not hear or look into otherwise, but when a band with the power to write rock classics (such as Sweet Child and Paradise City) and original epics (like Estranged and Coma) compiles an entire album of cover songs -more to the point, AVERAGE cover songs- you can’t help but feel a little let down.It seems they’ve taken advantage of their popularity, cos I doubt any other bands would dare release a record like this. Overall it’s a good, fun album… but compared to their previous offerings it’s horrible.Best tracks are probably Black Leather (better than the original with its elevated guitar riffs, but not a patch on the Runaways’ version); Ain’t it Fun (though, much as I like Hanoi Rocks, was it really necessary to bring out Michael Monroe AGAIN? Despite the strength of both Hanoi and GnR his voice can really grate on the nerves); Buike MacKane/Big Dumb Sex; Hair of the Dog (Nazareth don’t get enough credit y’know…); and the pretty little Charles Manson cover (a desperate attempt at controversy perhaps?)But all are far too similar to the originals, and even these “best tracks” don’t compare to the weaker songs on Appetite or UYI 1 &2.Since I Don’t Have You and Down on the Farm are atrocities I won’t even mention.The other tracks are moderately good, but by no means great.On the whole, a worthwhile purchase if you’re already a fan (especially if you’re keen to look into which bands influenced them,) and not without a few good tracks and a certain punkish charm.But if you’re relatively new to GnR, STAY AWAY, cos it doesn’t truly reflect their good musicianship or songwriting skills.

    Posted on December 11, 2009