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The Sport of Kings

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  • While Triumph is often underrated because they were so borderline generic, they really knew how to put together some great rock riffs and to moderate their cheesiness on several of their great albums, such as Just A Game, and Allied Forces. Rik Emmett definitely was a source of redemption throughout the band’s journey with his virtuoso guitar work. On this album they forget about all of that and try to join the arena rock sound of Journey/Foreigner/Boston by really laying on the keyboard and writing lyrics for the masses. Most of the album is so sweet, it is sickening. However, there are a few gems:

    – Somebody’s Out There – While heavy on the keyboards, the singing is fantastic and the lyrics are warm hearted without being over the top.

    – If Only – Nice mix of soaring guitars, keyboards, and more genuine lyrics.

    – Play with the Fire – The only good rocker on here…classic Emmett guitar work.

    – Runner ups: Tears in the Rain and Embrujo (instrumental)

    If you don’t enjoy keyboards and 80’s Arena sound at all, don’t buy this. If it is more your thing, you may enjoy this album more than I did. If you can tolerate some of it, and are a Triumph fan, you may check it out for fun.

    Posted on January 1, 2010