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The State

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  • With 3 Doors Down’s “Kryptonite” and Nickelback’s “Leader of Men”, there are finally two great rock songs on the chart for the first time since about 1994. Leader of Men is just classic driving hard rock. It’s about getting high, but its also about making choices. When Nickelback says, “I’m not a leader of men since I prefer to follow”, it’s obvious the group fears peer pressure driving a person to drugs. The opening song on the CD really clicked for me. Lead singer Chad Kroeger says half the song is about Stalin and Churchill walking together and the other half is about a deteriorating relationship. The question why he would mix those topics together comes up to the listener. After a few listens though, it starts to fit together. The song rocks too hard to bother with the lyrics anyway. Most of the album is like that. From the opening Breathe to the closing songs, Not Leavin’ Yet and Hold Out Your Hand, Nickelback pumps adrenaline back into music. While not quite Springsteen or even Ozzy Osborne lyrically, Chad Kroeger does offer some insights into The State- of everything that goes on in the listener’s life. As I leave for college, the lyric from Breathe, “If I could pack my life, I wanna know do you want me to go?” is one that really touches me. The opening line of “Leader of Men” also touches me, “Tell your friends not to think out loud until they swallow.” In all Nickelback created a canvass with this album that contains so many images from all people’s lives. It’s for you to discover, buy this album.

    Posted on January 28, 2010