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The State

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  • love em’ or hate em’, no one can deny that nickelback is one of the biggest modern rock acts on the face of the earth. for their debut, the state, nickelback brings all they have and places it into 10 unique and interesting cuts.

    Breathe, Cowboy hat and Leader of men all sound like the nickelback we know and love, with catchy guitars, chad’s signature vocals and sky high hooks.

    Old enough is short but sweet, with a great chours and vocals.

    Worthy to stay could go down as the most unique nickelback song of all, with a heavy bass effect and turntables! By far my favorite on the record.

    Diggin’ this, the sixth song, has some killer guitar riffs and one of the best solo’s I’ve ever heard nickelback play (better than the one on “saturday night’s alright”!).

    Deep opens with a sludgy guitar intro and moves into another great song. Almost industrial sounding, if you can believe it.

    One last run may take some time to grow on you, but when it does, it’s killer.

    Not leaving yet’ left me speechless; this song has a wonderful intro and some of the best lyrics I’ve ever heard. The chorus sounds like something by audioslave or vertical horizon, very catchy but done at a perfect pace. All around great song.

    Finally, Hold out your hand is one of the best closers I’ve ever heard. The songs just keeps building on itself, and towards the end it all comes together for a wonderful outro. Song construction at it’s finest.

    Overall, the more I listen the more I agree, this could be nickelback’s best release to date. I still love “silver” and “road”, but this is just a genius record. A must for any rock fan.

    Ps. alot of people believe the 2002’s re-issue of curb is nickelback’s first record. It’s not. It’s actually a collection of b-sides and early recordings, and honestly, it kinda sucks. As a huge fan, who has the record, I wouldn’t have felt bad about passing on it. So again, the state is nickelbacks first offical record, not curb. And what a record it is…

    Posted on January 28, 2010