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  • I don’t know what’s with all the 1 star reviews saying they’re copying other rockers. That’s ridiculous. All rock sounds about the same just like all pop sounds alike. Nickelback is a rock group. They might have similar voices as other bands, they use guitars (yeah if they didnt it wouldnt be rock), and awesome background vocals & cool melodies. Yes they happen to sound a little like Bush, but i cannot stand Bush mainly because of Gaven’s voice. Don’t say they are copying other bands when there really is no such thing. Rock is rock, pop is pop, rap is rap, its all practically the same thing. Nickelback has good music, a fine voice, & reasonable lyrics. If you don’t want a rock album go buy Britney Spears. Anyways, this cd is awesome. Everyone has their own taste in music artists so i can’t guarantee you would like it….but you should definitely give it a listen. Rock is rock…and this ROCKS

    Posted on January 28, 2010