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  • Man, if you gotta go….go out in style. This is a FANTASTIC album. I’ve read some reviews that were pretty negative and I’ve noticed a few things that seem consistant in them.

    One, it’s almost ALWAYS their first listen that they hate it. I’m a huge metal fan with over 1500 cds. I love all of the different genres of metal. Death, Nu, Classic, Progressive, but my favorite is definately Thrash. One thing I’ve learned with all of those bands and styles: You usually will not know what you think about ANYTHING on the first listen. I’ve listened to TSHF many times and love it. The first time I listened to it, I liked it, but not as much as TWNAH (I really can not understand why a lot of people don’t like that album.) This is because they were all new songs. You can’t sing along to a brand new song nor can you get emersed in the music of one. Why? Because you’ve never heard it before! Of course you’re going to like something you can sing along to and know every single time-change better than something that you don’t know where it’s going. As I said in the St. Anger review….people just jump the gun too much with music. They are not fair to the bands, songs, nor themselves half the time because they listen to 30 seconds and decide if they like it or not. If you are reading this review looking for the true purpose of a review…to help you decide if you will like the product or not….then I urge you to give this, and all albums, a chance before you make an opinion on it.

    Second, and lord is this a big one….everyone seems to compare everything to something else. I’m aware of it and still I do it. But, after a few listens, I try to ignore the past albums and let the new one stand on it’s own legs. Don’t say in your head “Well, this just isn’t like…..” That is simply saying you refuse to listen to it any other way than what you EXPECTED it to be. Don’t put this in, thinking “Okay…..Is this gonna be what I expected?” Listen to what it IS. Hell no it’s not what you expected. Why? Cuz Dave Mustaine didn’t call you up on the phone and ask you for your input.
    I’m putting it on the record: Rust In Peace is the greatest thrash metal album of all time (in my opinion.) No, this is not Rust In Peace 2. No, this is not Countdown to Extinction 2. Stop comparing it to them. I think another reviewer on here said it better than anyone. If you compare everything recorded to Rust In Peace, you will be disappointed. So why would you do that? Nothing can top that album or even equal it as far as i’m concerned. If you want Rust In Peace 2, then put Return to Hangar on repeat all day. Dave finally answered everyone’s request and gave the fans a return to that form. It has similar lyrics (obviously) and a near exact music structure. It was nice to re-visit that album with something new but there’s no way I’d want him to record another album just like RIP. You know why? Not only would it just be stagnant and not let him move forward as a song writer and musician, but it would begin to take some of what I love about RIP away. I don’t want to split the love I have for that album over 2 or even more albums just like it. I have it to listen to forever and that’s all I need.

    I know this is long and seems like i’m just ranting and raving about my opinions. Yes, this is a way of expressing my opinions about this album. But…I’ve just read so many reviews by people that are just ignorant. If you don’t like the album, fine. But how can someone respect that opinion if you do it with such a closed mind? Pry that sucker open and stop living in Hanger 18. You won’t find something better so move on.
    I know some of you want to move right on down to that pretty little button that says no, my review wasn’t helpful to you. Go ahead. It won’t hurt me any. But I’ve read over this several times and believe this is very helpful….to someone willing to give something a chance.

    Posted on December 3, 2009