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  • After the last few albums, I had decided that I wasn’t buying Megadeth albums anymore. The last two studio albums really had turned me off of Megadeth. However, a new version of Megadeth is back. Dave Mustaine had posted song snippets from this new album in full on the Megadeth website. All of them sounded pretty promising so I decided to check out the new Megadeth.

    That was a very good choice. This is by far the best Megadeth album since Rust in Peace, which is Megadeth’s “White Album”. The album is entirely solid, and doesn’t seem to have anything “slow” like Moto Psycho was like on the last album. This is a good solid Megadeth album that envokes memories of the classics from the past (Rust in Peace, Countdown to Extinction) while having a good clean current sound, unlike some metal albums which sound too muddied.

    Most definitely worth a pickup if you’ve ever liked Megadeth in the past.

    Posted on December 3, 2009