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The System Has Failed

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  • In the absence of guilt, I can say that this is the album that Metallica has been trying to make for the past 10 years–(Lars, can you hear that, that’s how drums are supposed to sound on a metal album!!Stop letting Bob “Yoko Ono” Rock feed you stupid pills, your drums sound like sh*t on St. Butt-munch). The System Has Failed is a ferocious, head-slamming comeback from Dave Mustaine. That he calls this Megadeth might be a point to argue for true die-hards, since it’s pretty much Dave at the controls, but what’s changed there? Dave has always been the man in charge where Megadeth is concerned. SYSTEM is hard, it’s honest, and it is extremely metal. There is a believability here that we can count on. Standouts inclue “Die Dead Enough”, “Kick The Chair”, “Of Mice And Men” & “Truth Be Told.” This is an adult metal album, not the juvenile puree of say St. Anger. Dave is pissed off and he’s always been pissed off and he’ll probably stay pissed off, end of story. Its relevant, poignant, and realistic. A wee bit heavy on the political side, but what the hell. Gotta bitch about the system, right? I look forward to seeing them on tour.

    Posted on December 4, 2009