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The Ten Commandments

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  • MALEVOLENT CREATION’s first album THE TEN COMMANDMENTS took the metal world by storm in 1991. it is without a doubt one of the top 10 classic metal albums of all time. all of MALEVOLENTs albums are classics, but what seperates this one from the rest is the way the band presents themselves as an original outfit. the vocals are very unique…an extreme deathy growl with a hint of melody and even a little bit of rhythm…i dont want to say rap, but you’ll know what i mean when you hear “multiple stab wounds”. brett hoffman’s lyrics were obviously precisly planned and well crafted. not to disrespect his latest efforts, because they are sick as hell, but brett has since dismissed his unique style and has not equalled it since for reasons that i cant provide details for. the musicianship of course is amazing and the songs are catchy and memorable…standout tracks are “premature burial” “thou shall kill!”, “decadence within” “remnants of withered decay”, and the above mentioned “multiple stab wounds”. the drums stand out for being tight and well executed. what keeps it from being five-stars? this album is quiet and very hissy…and is in dire need of being re-mastered…

    Posted on November 30, 2009