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The Tokyo Showdown

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  • If you’re going to make a live album, then make it good. Iced Earth’s “Alive in Athens” is marvelous. Even Cradle of Filth’s “Live Bait for the Dead” is at least a quality product. But In Flames, a band just as capable as the two aforementioned groups, decides they just want to add another album to their discography, and produces a very sloppy recording. I’m not going to say anything about the songs themselves, aside from “Moonshield” and “Gyroscope” which have their acoustic parts removed, because we all know that In Flames is a band composed of extremely talented musicians. I will comment on the fact that Anders’ clean singing is poor, though. Instead, I want to focus on the quality of the disc.In Flames’ studio albums feature high-quality production, so I’d think fans would expect a live album to at least sound like there was more than a tape recorder and a computer to record the sound. Basically, this album sounds like what you’d hear if you decided to take your camcorder and record the band’s performance on it, and were watching it played back. Not good. This is something you buy to complete a collection, but don’t be hasty.

    Posted on December 15, 2009