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The Tokyo Showdown

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  • Very recently, I obtained a copy of the Tokyo Showdown live album. I have to honestly say that it is one of the better live albums. However, whether you will like this CD or not depends on your preference of live performance quality. Some people prefer a very polished live album that has been remastered in the studio such as live albums from Pantera and Metallica. However, I, like many of my friends, prefer a very raw live sound. The quality of this CD really appealed to me because when I listen to a live recording, I like to hear what it was really like at the show. Not every live performance is absolutely perfect and a lot of bands try to make it seem that way by re-recording over parts of the performance they felt were lacking. But the fact that the sound is the way it is shows that In Flames really are just a few very talented musicians playing their music in front of a large crowd, they’re not trying to make it seem like something it isn’t. They’re not trying to convince the listeners that they are the Alpha and Omega of metal bands. Regardless of the sound quality, In Flames puts on an excellent performance and chose a perfect set list that encompasses most of their early work before Reroute to Remain. Overall, if you are a big In Flames fan or are just looking for a live recording that’s in your face for one straight hour, this album is highly recommended.

    Posted on December 15, 2009