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The Triptych

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  • “The Triptych” shattered my preconceptions. I expected it would be a little harder, with more screaming, and less originality. Instead, this album serves up some rib-rattling songs, a few melody-heavy tunes, and even a ballad or two.

    After adjusting to the fact that my ears would not go through nonstop shredding, I realized I might just like all these songs. The music is tight, polished, and hard, reminding me of Disturbed once or twice. The vocals are seamless, layering screams and harmonies. It’s the lyrics, though, that ratchet things up an extra notch. You can’t listen to these words without being provoked to thought. For me, it’s difficult to find music and lyrics that mirror each other in intensity and honesty. “The Triptych” is one of those albums that figures out how to put it all together.

    Posted on January 10, 2010