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The Triptych

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  • When i first picked this up, i had only heard one of their older songs (Infected), so i didnt know what to expect. i was greatly surprised by the quality of the music. the cd opens up with a brief intro track, then kicks into full gear. the first thing you notice is that it is HEAVY. the riffs are very thrashy, but dense, and the drumming is fast and rife with great breakdowns. the vocals are also top notch. the vocalist utilizes a hardcore style growl, but it has a unique texture to it, so while still bludgeoning and forceful, you can easily understand what he is saying. also, many songs have catchy choruses with clean singing. while many metal bands use this approach to vocals, few integrate it as seamlessly as Demon Hunter. on a technical note, throughout the album, the riffs are varied and always heavy, with the exception of the ballads. here, the tracks “deteriorate” and “The Tide Beagn To rise” use only clean vocals, but are done very well, sounding sincere without sounding whiny and emoish. “1000 Apologies” also uses mainly cleany singing, but uses amped guitars, which arent as heavy as the rest of the album, but it fits the tone of the song well. all three of the softer songs are well esecuted and beautiful in their own right.
    ALL IN ALL, this is a fantastic album, combining heavy, dense thrash riffs, fast, drumming, hardcore growls, great clean singing and great ballads into one crushingly beautiful album. any metal fan looking for harcore or metalcore or even thrash that has its own identity, would be well served to pick this release up.

    Posted on January 10, 2010