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The Tropic Rot

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  • Like another reviewer here, I’ve been a fan of Poison the Well for quite some time. What I never seem to understand is why people complain about how they’ve changed. Of course Poison the Well has changed since The Opposite of December. They have dug deep into their musical talents and more importantly, their lives. If you can hear the lyrics on this album, you will feel them as well. At this point, I’ve listened to this album more times in completion than I did when Versions first came out (and I love Versions). The other reviewer I’ve read probably heard a few songs before giving their honest opinion. The best way to describe the way this album flows is a mix between You Come Before You and Versions in the sense that The Tropic Rot brings the more raw emotion that Poison the Well brought with You Come Before You, and the more polished and musically pioneering sound of Versions.

    Posted on January 22, 2010