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The Tropic Rot

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  • PTW was a slow grow for me. The first album I got by them was Versions…a noisy, static-filled, chaotic rock record that sounded like Hank Williams got kidnapped by The Refused and provided half the studio instrumentation. (And the record worked – very well – but that’s not the record I’m reviewing now :) ) This one is way easier to like on the first listen, and continues to develop, because of how strong the songs are. These guys make a fast punk beat sound so much heavier than any other band. They have a great ear for balancing the clean and screamed vocals to create dynamics within their pounding songs. They continue to push the envelope of hardcore, leaving all breakdowns and gimmicks behind and giving me hope that there’s a future for the genre. (track to sample: “Antarctica Inside Me”)

    Posted on January 23, 2010