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The Tropic Rot

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  • That conclusion is such: if you try and just jump into this band from this CD after being an avid metalcore fan, you probably won’t enjoy it. You need to follow the band from step one to really appreciate this. I say this because I jumped in at You Come Before You and am just starting to realize why this CD is good. My recommendation is to go all the way back to Distance Makes The Heart Grow Fonder and go from there. Match up the sounds with other bands of their time and try to understand WHY they are the way they are rather than just listening. Almost everyone who has any depth in modern music knows that metalcore is a genre that has gotten a lot of flack over the last decade. Go back to 1999, when The Opposite of December was made. It’s not the best metalcore CD but the production is top-notch. Sure, PTW could’ve made a better CD musically (check out their first EP) but they were trying to make a point. Tear From The Red was released and then lots of big names started jumping in on the band wagon such as As I Lay Dying, Killswitch Engage, and Atreyu. The genre got real populated and, thus, stale. You Come Before You brought a breath of fresh air with its heartfelt parts. Lately the metalcore scene has been a total joke to the point where a CD is nothing be double bass breakdowns with high pitched screams – it’s pathetic! Versions and The Tropic Rot aren’t the best CDs out there but they are original, fresh, and insightful in a genre that could make one nauseous.

    Posted on January 23, 2010