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The Ultimate Sin

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  • Well let me start out by saying that this IS the second best album(No More Tears being the first), and it is extremely underrated. Casual fans of Blizzard of Oz, might hate this album, but true fans will love it.Jake E. Lee is back on guitar, Phil Soussan on bass, and Randy Castillo makes is drumming with ozzy debut. Randy Castillo always will be the best drummer, Michael Inez is a better bassist than Soussan though.As for guitarists, I can’t compare them. Ozzy’s guitarists are all great, so none is better than the other, they all have unique things about them. The songs are all great here, no filler songs.Here’s how I rate them:The Ultimate Sin-The ultimate opener. Great, strong riff, exceptional vocals. A masterpiece. 10/10Secret Loser-Self-parody track, note the chorus(awesome). 9/10Never Know Why-”Never know why-we rock!” A big f**k you to anyone who thinks that ozzy’s music is bad or evil or sucks!!!!!! 10/10Thank God for the Bomb-Some people think this is the album’s weak point. I personally think this song is great. (ONE PROBLEM- Note the riff at the beginning is similar to Van Halen’s “ain’t talkin’ ’bout love”) 9.5/10Never-The riff at the beginning is great, it really shows of Jake’s talent. 9/10Lightning Strikes-Rips off the crazy train riff a bit… But it’s better that Ozzy or his guitarist rip off a riff from one of his songs than some other band like Twisted Sister(no offense “guys,” you’re still one of my favorite bands). 10/10Killer of Giants-Wow! A powerful ballad that just makes you think about war, and is as musically deep as it can be. 10/10Fool Like You-Song about foolish people and foolish lives. The guitar playing is what keeps this song a gem. 9/10Shot in the Dark-The best song on the album. By the way, ozzy hates this song now, but I still love it. Great guitars, and vocals. 10/10So, there’s my opinion. I hope this review was somewhat helpful, or something like that.The Ultimate Sin is well… ultimate. Rock on, MasterOfMetal

    Posted on February 15, 2010