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The Unquestionable Truth, Pt. 1

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  • What I am about to say is directed towards those of you who hate Limp Bizkit without having any real reason to…

    First, I shall say this. I am a huge music fan. I listen to all kinds of music, from metal to electronica to acoustic to you name it. My musical taste expands from all realms, including Marilyn Manson, Prince, Bjork, Green Day, etc. I am not some teenage punk who spends his days in Hot Topic looking over the newest “The Used” t-shirts. But I am a teenager, 16 years old.

    Limp Bizkit was introduced to me back in 1999. Since then, I have fallen madly in love with them, disliked them (as well as all other nu metal bands), and then matured. My musical tastes had drastically changed over time, and I didn’t even want to give this band or my once favorite, Korn, a second chance. Then, one day, out of pure curiosity, I listened to these bands again, especially LB with the release of this new EP, and discovered that I liked them for a reason. I wasn’t some dumb little kid who didn’t know good music from bad, though I would agree that I listen to much better music now overall. But these bands had a heart, a reason, something to say (even if they didn’t say it in the best way they could have). And that’s something these new “punk” bands like New Found Glory, Simple Plan, Good Charlotte, etc. could never say about themselves without crossing their fingers behind their backs.

    Now, later nu-metal overall did become watered down and repetitive. But look at LB and Korn’s earlier works and you’ll feel a raw energy, something much deeper that most people seem to overlook. The music isn’t only heavy, but funky, head bobbin. The number one fault of everyone who has become a typical LB hater is that they look at the band and especially Fred Durst in the complete wrong light. You cannot look at Fred Durst as a rock singer and give him much credit. Instead, you must look at him as a MC in a rock band. Think of that for awhile. Everyone complains about how his lyrics and vocals aren’t that great for a rock singer. Well, check him out as an MC. His lyrics and vocal abilities far surpass those of most rappers, and though Fred’s lyrics can seem quite shallow at times, they’re insanely catchy, funny, and clever. That is what makes Fred Durst the heart of this band, and a very good one at that. Limp Bizkit is a RAP rock band. If you can’t listen to rap, then of course you’ll dislike most LB, cause Fred RAPS for crying out loud. To me, however, and those who gained interest in this band in the first place, that’s what made this band special. Good rhymes. Badass guitar riffs. Funky bass licks with tight drumming. That’s what LB stands for. And with Wes back, that’s what this EP holds within its unquestionable grip.

    Posted on November 15, 2009