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The Unquestionable Truth, Pt. 1

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  • First off, I’ll admit I’m not a fan of Limp Bizkit nor have I been. The only album I have of them is Chocolate Starfish and that’s because my friend gave it to me because he was tired of it. Over time I became tired of it and only 3 songs from that album amuse me anymore. I checked out their other stuff starting with their debut album, I flat out didn’t like it so I tried their second album, not great at all, some of the songs from those albums were alright but Durst killed the music either from his voice or lyrics. My friend lent me Results May Vary and after the first listen I gave it back because to me it was the worst of them all. So after that brief history, when I heard this album was coming out I wasn’t sure what to think, to be honest buying it rarely crossed my mind. When it did come out I notice a lot of people said it was a different sound because Wes was back, and that got me interested so I bought it. To say the least I was impressed after listening to it, this is a different Limp Bizkit than the past, this for me is a improvement on a band that should have produce something like this from the start. Wes is back and it shows, the guitar riffs are more aggressive (I wont say heavier because I don’t classify nu metal as heavy) and tolerate. Another thing I notice was they used strong bass lines such as in The Truth and The Priest, something that was nearly obsolete in their previous works. About the vocals and lyrics, a much improvement. Durst doesn’t wail as much if at all, and he keeps his voice level. Also, when he “screams” he growls, it’s not the old “cry” like it used to. With the lyrics you can’t expect Durst to write perfect lyrics but these lyrics are a step up and show that he does have the ability to create good lyrics. With all that said let’s get to the songs:

    The Propaganda: The way an album should start, aggressive and fierce and this is what this song brings. Wes really shines on this song and you can see why he was missed. Around the 230 mark is when the riff becomes a tad repetitive but keeps the aggression. I personally think they could have either cut this song in half or produce a variety near the end, but it’s their call.

    The Truth: A great title track and proof that Durst stepped up from what he did in the past. The beginning has a solid bass line that leads to explosive guitar riffs. This is where it shows Limp Bizkit has brought something different and it sounds impressive.

    The Priest: Starts almost the same way as the previous two tracks but then becomes more mellow. Durst seems to have a lot of aggression in this one as you can tell teh way he “sings” this song. Another favorite.

    The Key: This song is about Durst admitting that he knows his time in the light has passed but that he’ll keep going (bad news for a lot of you I know) but this songs is just a drum beat and some guitar distortions in the background. For those who say he swears a lot in this one, he only says the “f” word 6 or seven times in it’s within the first 20 seconds of the track, it may be much for some to bare but it’s Limp Bizkit.

    The Channel: If you heard Mudvayne’s “Tv/Radio” then you’ll get a feel of what this song is about. I love the musicianship in this one (if that’s even possible to say with this group) but I just did. Another aggressive track where Wes takes over.

    The Story: Probably the only song that hasn’t grasped me yet, it’s alright, starts with a strong guitar riff but the lyrics are a downer in this one. It’ll probably grow on me but I’ll let you be the judge.

    The Surrender: A ballad, from Limp Bizkit? Yep and it’s a good one too. Very mellow and Durst actually sings in this one. One of my top favorites of this disc and after it’s all said and done, I’m ready for part II.

    With a different sound and direction, Limp Bizkit has seemed to have found their formula. Fans of the old may not like this album but to those who were hesitate to but this album should give it a shot. With all the good things that came with it there are some spots where it doesn’t shine: Only seven tracks, probably just wanted to keep the strong material or that’s all they had, in any case it’s a good way to make people want more; The Key seems outta place, I think they should have made it longer with either a bass line or guitar riff to make it fit, otherwise it seems like a filler; the time this album was released, right when the new NIN album came out which may be a reason this album does not sell much (though if people gave this a shot it may sell many copies). Most of the one star reviews you will read are from people who just don’t like Limp Bizkit or nu metal in general, please, dont listen to them if you are thinking about buying this album. Remember, I didn’t like them either and I took a shot and was satisfied with the results. This album is a great improvement from the old Limp Bizkit and if they continue to produce music like this they will shine once again with a better sound.

    Posted on November 15, 2009